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The Chester 300th Committee along with local Geocaching aficionado Meranda Scott will be sponsoring an historical treasure hunt with prizes! A Series of 10 Geocaches have been placed throughout Chester. The first 50 Geocachers to finish the series can receive a special Commemorative Geocoin. The official date for the series to begin is May 8th. (One Geocoin per family, please)

What is Geocaching?
Geocaching is a treasure hunting adventure that you can do for free with your smartphone or a handheld gps device. You will need to go create an account at and download the app onto your phone. You then search your location and see what pops up. You follow the app to the marked location and find a container of some sort. The containers can range from big ammo cans to tiny dime size magnetic containers. Once you find the geocache, write your username (that you chose when you created the account) on the log book and rehide the container exactly how you found it. Then log onto the website (or use the app on your phone) to log the find online.

NH Chronicle Geocaching

Chester 300th Geocache Series

For more information, email Meranda at

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